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Cardano Scaling

Collection of projects revolving around the common vision of increasing growth and adoption of Cardano by solving scalability problems.


We stand for growth and adoption of Cardano. To empower individuals, bank the unbanked and be a viable decentralized alternative, scalability is not optional. In fact, we believe there is only a decentralized future if it is scalable enough.


By making operation more flexible, faster, simpler, we remove entry barriers for developers and end users, to ultimately become an enabling factor for new and scalable applications on Cardano.

We build and maintain technological foundations (Mithril, Hydra, …) to enable custom solutions providing scalability and security. Besides creating open platforms, we will engage in development of key products like payments, voting and DeFI on Cardano.


Hydra is the layer-two scalability solution for Cardano, which aims to increase the speed of transactions (low latency, high throughput) and minimize transaction cost. The Hydra Head protocol allows applications to process transactions off-chain in a highly configurable ledger, but still using the same transaction format and tools as with Cardano.

Mithril is a cryptographic protocol and layer-two network in which stake pool operators attest to certain facts using their stake. Mithril signed snapshots of the Cardano blockchain enable fast-bootstrapping of nodes and applications running on Cardano in a trustless way.

ALBA is a novel cryptographic type of proof of knowledge that allows a prover to convince a verifier they know a large set of elements verifying some predicate by providing a much smaller subset. It is useful to build certificates from large number of individual elements, like signatures or votes, assuming a significant majority of honest items.

Leios is an extension to Ouroboros Praos, the protocol powering Cardano, that dramatically increases the throughput of the network. It is currently in its R&D phase with the goal of producing a detailed specification for implementors.


Need some help getting started? We are on IOG Technical Community's Discord on the #ask-hydra and #ask-mithril channels.

Some members of this organization are also on Twitter, so follow them for updates on the future of Cardano Scaling!


  • Logo created by Alexander Wende

  • This organization is in a drafting stage and we are currently evaluating whether moving repositories, project organization and communication into this organization makes sense.